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Evacuation Instructions

During a building evacuation, the following procedures are to be followed:

Evacuation assembly locations have been determined for all departments and offices. Occupants should review the Departmental Evacuation Assembly Location Assignment Database to identify the evacuation assembly location number selected for their area. The number on the database corresponds to the numbered evacuation assembly location as described on the Building Evacuation Form.

Upon exiting the building, all occupants should travel to the evacuation assembly locations which are described in the Building Evacuation Form.

All building occupants are to familiarize themselves with the exits in their building. During a building evacuation, the nearest (safest) exit should be used.

For faculty members in classroom settings, faculty and students are to exit the building and proceed to the evacuation assembly location that is closest to their exit. When serving in this role, they are not required to assemble with their department.
Individuals whose departments are located in other buildings should go to the evacuation assembly location in closest proximity to their exit.
Occupants are to avoid blocking entrance routes to the building to allow access by emergency responders. Occupants are to remain, at minimum, 50 feet from the building until emergency response personnel or college officials have determined the building to be safe for reentry.

Based upon the type of emergency, occupants may be asked by emergency response personnel or college officials to evacuate farther from the buildings. Further instructions will be provided should such an emergency occur.

Evacuations from residential buildings, excluding the academic and administrative offices located therein will be conducted in accordance with all current evacuation policies and procedures governing residence halls.

Additional information regarding fire safety and evacuation procedures can be directed to the Office of Occupational Safety and Environmental Services at x2881.