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Wednesday Update: InFocus Urgent Care

Many of you have written with helpful and heartfelt messages in recent days. The pace has begun to outstrip my ability to answer them individually. Allow me then to bundle your queries and concerns and focus my replies in messages such as this one or on our COVID-19 website. Please continue to visit that site for the latest information and decisions.

In the meantime, I write in response to questions and concerns about COVID-19 activity at InFocus Urgent Care in Campus Town. Let me share what the college knows at this time.

Last week, an area resident visited InFocus Urgent Care in Campus Town and was tested* for COVID-19. A TCNJ student was also at the facility during the time of this patient’s visit. The test later came back positive and both the student and the resident were notified of this result. We have been in contact with the Ewing Health Department, which has advised us that neither the length of time nor the proximity between the student and the confirmed COVID-19 case were sufficient to consider the interaction an exposure. HIPAA regulations do not permit InFocus to share any other details about this incident with Ewing or TCNJ.

This week, InFocus began “drive thru” COVID-19 testing in Campus Town. To minimize contact with the public, patients remain in their car for the duration of their visit.

Again, thanks to all who have written over the last number of days. Please know that we’re hard at work to address the questions that you have in response to the disruption this crisis has caused.


Kathryn A. Foster


*Editor’s note: As of Thursday, March 19, the InFocus Urgent Care In Campus Town is no longer offering the COVID-19 test.