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Spring 2020 Ungraded Option for TCNJ courses

Dear TCNJ Community:

As we begin the second half of the semester under truly exceptional circumstances, I write to share the Spring 2020 Ungraded Option Policy. This temporary policy applies only to spring 2020 courses and provides students with considerable flexibility.

In all courses where students would otherwise receive a grade, faculty will calculate a final grade. After final grades are posted, a student can do nothing and retain the grade earned OR choose the Ungraded Option.

Choosing the Ungraded Option will result in the following:

  • In a course where the student earned a passing grade of “D” or better, the transcript will show CD, indicating credit/pass for the ungraded course.
  • In a course where the student earned an “F”, the transcript will show ND, indicating no credit/fail for the ungraded course.

The Ungraded Option is available to all undergraduate and graduate students for courses for which they would otherwise receive a grade. Because our over 7,000 students have a variety of individual situations, a student-based approach to choosing the Ungraded Option offers the greatest flexibility. In addition to the Spring 2020 Ungraded Option Policy, we provide a number of answers to specific situations in a Q&A format housed on the TCNJ COVID-19 page (scroll down to “TCNJ Updates and Resources”).

I want to thank the Committee on Academic Programs (CAP) and the Steering Committee for their work on this policy. I’d like to give a special shout out to Steering Co-Chair Dr. Shaun Wiley of the Department of Psychology for reading and summarizing over 450 comments from students, faculty, and staff. With a goal of maintaining the intellectual integrity of TCNJ courses while providing flexibility across a range of situations, drafting the policy was no mean feat.

I want to wish students, faculty, and staff an engaging and productive second half to the semester. We have dedicated teachers and learners and we have the resources and technology to support learning. However, I understand that this is still a stressful time. I would like to remind the community to take care and be supportive of each other. TCNJ professional staff at Counseling and Prevention Services are providing remote assistance.

Good luck and stay safe!

Interim Provost William Keep