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Timely Warning on November 18, 2011

The Office of Campus Police services received reports today that a 1993 Nissan and a 1994 Honda were stolen from Lot 6. Campus Police regularly patrol all parking areas, but these thefts occurred without any confrontation or evidence of forced entry. During 2008, several local colleges and universities experienced similar thefts of 1990s model Nissans, Hondas, and Saturns by a car-theft ring that used illegally obtained skeleton keys as one means of entering and stealing vehicles. This method of gaining vehicle access makes it difficult to determine that a theft is taking place. Owners of those vehicle types can help protect their automobiles by purchasing aftermarket anti-theft devices, such as The Club, which can prevent the use of a skeleton key in perpetrating an auto theft. We ask that members of the College community immediately call TCNJ Police at 609-771-2345 if anyone is seen acting suspiciously in campus parking lots.