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Statement on Campus Security

TCNJ’s Office of Campus Police Services is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, year round. Our fully trained, commissioned, and armed law enforcement officers rotate through three shifts in a 24-hour period. The College also has civilian security officers that provide additional supervision and enforcement on a daily basis. Campus Police officers at TCNJ have the same power and authority as all other commissioned police officers in the state of New Jersey.  As such, they perform mixed methods of patrol, answer calls for service, perform security assessments and surveys, respond to alarms and medical needs, enforce motor vehicle regulations, handle traffic enforcement, perform investigations of criminal activity, take reports, provide escorts, conduct educational programs, and steadfastly protect the community they serve.

Established procedures and equipment, such as building and system alarms, electronic card-swipe access, digital video management systems, required guest sign-ins, emergency telephones, and more, are used in various locations to provide the best possible security for the College’s campus. All procedures are regularly reviewed, and the College conducts routine fire notification and evacuation drills in all residence halls.

Detailed police protocols for specific incidents on campus are confidential. Publication of these protocols could compromise their effectiveness.

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