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Media Tips

Tips for Working with Media During Times of Crisis

  • Reporters have a job to do, so you should act respectfully when approached, but remember that you have rights!
  • When approached, ask for the reporter’s name and the name of his or her publication or network.
  • Reporters and camera operators can approach you in public areas ONLY and are not permitted in residence facilities, classrooms, dining halls, and other locations.
  • You are under no obligation to respond to media inquiries and can refuse to answer all questions if that is your preference.
  • If you feel that you are being approached inappropriately or are being harassed, please call the Office of Campus Police Services immediately at 609.771.2345.
  • If you choose to answer questions, THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK, and respond based on what you KNOW with certainty. Above all, avoid speculating and hypothesizing.
  • Reporters often frame their questions to bring out the conflict in a story. When answering, be honest and direct, and don’t be lulled into flippancy, forced humor, or repeating negative words used in the reporter’s question.
  • If you would like advice or assistance in dealing with media requests, please contact the Department of Public Relations & Communications at 609.771.2266.
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