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Fire Safety Inspection

You may have received an inspection tag on your door or on your desk.  If so, a fire safety hazard was found, as indicated by the those items marked on the tag.  If the hazard is not abated, there is a potential for a fire to cause injuries and property damage, and the College may be subject to a monetary fine.

Information about fire safety hazards, how to identify and properly correct them, and how to avoid such hazards in the future, can be found in the table below and in the following document:

Additional information about electrical safety, such as what accessories are allowed or prohibited and how to use them safely, can be found in the following documents:


If you have any questions or concerns in regard to Fire Safety, please reach out to our Emergency Preparedness Manager at extension 3269.

The following prohibited items and acts increases the possibility of a fire, and/or a delay during evacuation and response:

Fire Safety Hazard Explanation
Blocked Egress Route Blocking an egress route may cause a delay during an evacuation or response.  This includes:  “Exit” doors, the paths to the doors, and the path away from the building.
“Daisychaining” or “Piggy-Backing” Connecting multiple power strips, surge protectors together, or extension cords together is prohibited.  Each may only be plugged directly into a wall outlet, with nothing in between.  See the links above for more information about electrical safety.
Décor (or Other) Attached to Ceiling Attaching décor or anything else to the ceiling is prohibited.  Some examples:  streamers, balloons, string lights, bed netting, tapestries, among other items.
Fire Door Propped Open Propping open a fire-rated door is prohibited.  This includes, but is not limited to, doors for:  stairways, mechanical rooms, and any doors labeled as “Fire-Rated” (often on the spine with the hinge).
Extension Cord (has only 1 outlet) An extension cord may only be used while someone is physically present.  If no one is present, the extension cord must be unplugged.  As this is burdensome, a protected power strip or surge protector is recommended.  See the links above for more information about electrical safety.
Fire Alarm Pull Station Blocked Placing anything that can delay or prevent access to a Fire Alarm Pull Station may delay the activation of an alarm, slowing evacuation and response.
Fire Extinguisher Blocked Placing anything that can block or prevent access to a Fire Extinguisher may allow a small fire, that could have been extinguished, to potentially grow out of control engulfing the room and possibly the building.
Space Heater Leaving a portable space heater plugged in when no one is present is prohibited.  Portable space heaters must be provided by TCNJ Facilities.  Do not bring your own personal space to campus.  Please follow this link for more information about safe usage, temperature concerns, or to request a space heater:
Storage Within 18″ of Ceiling Placing storage, furniture, or anything else within 18-inches of the ceiling- more specifically, within 18-inches of the height of the sprinkler head is prohibited.
Storage Within 36″ of Electrical Panel Placing storage, furniture, or anything else within 36-inches (3-feet) of an electrical panel is prohibited, and access to the panel must be maintained.
Unprotected Power Strip or Multiplug Adapter (has multiple outlets; with or without a cord) The use an unprotected power strip or multiplug adapter is prohibited.  These devices do not have a circuit breaker or fuse which would help to protect it from an electrical fire.  If it has a “Reset” button it is allowed, but if it has an “On” button it is not allowed.  It is recommended to use a surge protector that offers a sufficient number of outlets and a cord long enough to reach where necessary.  See the links above for more information about electrical safety.
Wall Covering Exceed 10% Covering more than 10% of the wall area of a room with combustible materials is prohibited.  Such materials include décor or anything else (e.g. wreaths, etc.) that is not labeled as “Fire Retardant” (FR) or “Inherently Fire Retardant” (IFR).


Thank you for your help to keep The College of New Jersey safe from fire hazards.


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