The College of New Jersey

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Weather Alert

The College of New Jersey is continuing to closely monitor the advance of Hurricane Sandy. Precautionary measures are being taken to provide for the safety and security of all individuals on campus. Campus Police and operations are staffed to full complement and contingency plans for sheltering and distribution of food and water to students on campus have been developed. The College’s Critical Incident Planning Group has set up an Emergency Operations Center, for on-site personnel, in order to monitor the situation and respond as needed.

At this time, the National Weather Service anticipates that Hurricane Sandy will affect our area late this weekend (Sunday) and continue into Tuesday of next week. Members of the campus community who are planning to travel home or to another destination for Fall Break are advised to do so as early as possible. Those planning to remain on campus are advised to stay indoors and use common sense with regard to the weather conditions. We will continue to communicate with the campus community through all available means, including on-site residence staff, Campus Police, TCNJ Official Email, and voice and text messaging alerts. Updates will also be posted on our homepage at and on Facebook.

To listen to a periodic recorded updates, please call TCNJ Hotline at 609-771-6000.

Please continue to pay close attention to emergency alerts. This may include information from the media, as well as college announcements. Thank you for your cooperation.